Our Classis has a number of different committees that help oversee the work we do together.  Here is a list of them.

Interim Committee: This committee handles the affairs of classis in between meetings.
Pastor Vance Hays (secretary) 2016
Pastor Jelmer Groenewold (Chair) 2017
Mr. Harry Visser 2018
Pastor Louis Korf (alt.) 2017

Home Missions Committee: This committee is in charge of Church Planting and Church Renewal.
Pastor Gerry Muller-2016
Pastor Virgil Michael (secretary)-2017
Mr. David Koetje-2018
Mr. Jerry Vrieling-2018
Pastor Andy DeKorte (chair)-2018
Pastor William Wilton-2017
Pastor Josh Van Til-2017
Pastor Carl Leep (ex officio)
Ms Eva Rodriguez (alt.)-2018

Safe Church Team: This team helps churches keep kids safe.
Ms Lori Leep (chair)
Pastor Lou Korf
Pastor David Loew

Classical Ministries Leadership Team: This committee helps students and ministerial candidates.
Pastor Robert Toornstra (chair)-2018
Mr. John Lautenbach-2018
Pastor Vance Hays-2018

Youth Committee: This committee promotes youth in our classis.
Mr. David Koetje-2016
Pastor David Stewart (chair)-2016
Mr. Curtis Holm -2017
Mr. Paul Covey-2018
Mr. Stephen Jansons-2018
Ms. Andrea Covey (alt.)-2016

Diaconal Committee: This committee supports diaconal ministries.
Mr. Craig Lacy - 2016
Mr. Calvin Taylor-2016
Pastor Robert Toornstra -2017
Ms Mary vanBuren (chair)-2017
Mr. Thomas Frazier-2018
Ms Evelyn Schaefer (alt.)-2017